Ak Durna Aims to Increase Fish Population

Ak Durna Aims to Increase Fish Population
Sarykamysh Lake

Specialists of Ak Durna private company from Dashoguz velayat are aimed at preserving and further increasing the population of fish in Turkmenistan.

Currently, they breed carp and silver carp fry in large quantities, for which all the necessary conditions are created. The fry are kept in an artificial reservoir with running water, where the hydrochemical and temperature conditions are strictly observed. The special feed is created for them in enteprise.

It is planned that in autumn, young fish will be be released to Sarykamysh Lake and other waters of Dashoguz, like Aybovur or Uzyn-shor.

Ak Durna, created after privatization of Dashoguzbalyk, is the largest private structure in the Dashoguz region, which specializes in fishing and fish farming. Its main fishing ground is Sarykamysh Lake, where tens of fisherman with specialized equipment work.

The specialized structure also includes an industrial zone with a smoking and freezing sections. Ak Durna has also got its own pond farm with a total area of 5 hectares, located in the S.A.Niyazov etrap.

In the future, the company aims to improve production by purchasing the necessary equipment, including machinery for cutting and packaging fish in sealed containers of various capacities.