Yigit Effectively Manages 1000 Hectares of Agricultural Land

Yigit Effectively Manages 1000 Hectares of Agricultural Land

Yigit private agricultural company, a member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, has a helping hand in enhancing food security of Turkmenistan. It managed to effectively use 1000 hectares of agricultural land in Kaka etrap, provided by government; 865 hectares of which are intended for the cultivation of various crops in open space.

Yigit uses specialized agricultural machinery imported from Europe in cultivation of crops. Modern sprinkler technology is used in irrigation of land.

On 10 hectares of the plant, operates the greenhouse equipped with high-end machinery; as a result, Yigit is able to harvest decent amount of tomatoes. Regulation of greenhouse’s internal temperature, as well as humidity, level of carbon dioxide and lighting is fully automatized. For now, only Bandetta and profanse types of tomatoes are grown, but there are plans to further expand the variety of cultivated tomatoes.

Specialists of the plant work hard to satisfy the demands of consumers for fresh tomatoes in every season. Harvested tomatoes are distributed throughout Turkmenistan via specialized vehicles.

Second phase of construction, which takes place in 20 hectares of land, is in full swing. When finished, the annual production rate of the greenhouse will increase up to 10,500 tons.