Turkmen Farmers Successfully Breed Flocks of Newborn Cattle

Turkmen Farmers Successfully Breed Flocks of Newborn Cattle
The breeding of kids and lambs at the above aforementioned farms processes as planned.

In Dowardarçylyk and Garagum livestock farms, located respectively in S.A.Niyazov and Gorogly etraps of Dashoguz velayat of Turkmenistan, work is underway to increase the number of livestock and to further increase their output.

The breeding process of kids and lambs at the aforementioned farms goes as planned. The main task of this season is to form independent flocks of lambs and kids by separating them from their elders. The farms assembled special task teams of specialists to achieve this task in a timely manner, as well as to assign new flocks with experienced shepherds.

As a result of the work carried out by the teams, new flocks of lambs and kids are formed. For the flocks to graze, specialists selected the best meadow pastures with fresh water reservoirs.

During the current breeding period, Dowardarçylyk and Garagum livestock farms plan to form 17 and 20 flocks of small cattle respectively. Currently, this work is ongoing in an organized manner. The process of creation of new flocks is at the final stage.

Depending on the quality of grass stand and water content of the wells, an average of 500-700 young animals are included in new flocks.

During the current season, sheep breeders of the livestock farms of the Mary velayat Agricultural Production Association received 419 thousand 735 healthy lambs and kids from flocks, all of which are left for breeding. Currently, the selection of kids and forming flocks from them is at the final stage.

Grazing new flocks in the velayat is entrusted to experienced shepherds of livestock farms. Along with these works, farmers are also preparing for the most important season, the winter, by building up adequate fodder stock. The nutritious field feed procured at the farms is stationed at the location for wintering of cattle.