Türkmennebitönümleri Constructs Modern Gas Stations in Lebap Velayat

Türkmennebitönümleri Constructs Modern Gas Stations in Lebap Velayat

Lebap department of the maintenance and construction management of Türkmennebitönümleri started constructing two new gas stations.

One of these gas stations will be located near the Turkmenabat-Gazojak highway, not far from the mosque in Darganata etrap. The other one will be built on the territory of the village named after J.Hakimov in Charjev etrap.

The new stations will be equipped with high-tech machinery on electronic control to ensure prompt and quality service. They will be able to serve up to 500 cars a day. Modern structures and non-combustible finishing materials will be used in the construction of these gas stations.

Each gas station will have boxes for car washes, facilities for express services, minor repairs and auto spare part shops, and a snackbar.

The territory of the stations will be landscaped accordingly and the lighting of the stations will take into account the specifics of the objects.

The modern gas stations in the Charjev and Darganata etraps of the eastern region of Turkmenistan will be commissioned before the end of this year.