TurkmenExporters.com Facilitates Export of Turkmen Products

TurkmenExporters.com Facilitates Export of Turkmen Products
TurkmenExporters.com also markets Turkmen companies that, in addition to production, provide various services.

Increasing the volume of import-substituting products and strengthening Turkmenistan’s export potential are the main tasks set for the sectors of the national economy.

The trade and information online marketplace TurkmenExporters.com, which carries out the worldwide launch of various products manufactured in Turkmenistan and increases the demand for local products in foreign markets, is the first online export platform in Turkmenistan. The developer of the online marketplace, launched on January 1, 2017, entrepreneur Suleyman Geldiyev, a member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan (UIET), gave information on the features of TurkmenExporters.com in an interview with Business Turkmenistan.

“The export platform allows the seller and the customer to enter into direct communication without any intermediary,” Geldiyev said. “The main task of the platform is to provide foreign buyers with reliable and clear information about the products and manufacturers of Turkmenistan.”

Foreign buyers expressing interest in goods manufactured in Turkmenistan may face difficulties in finding relevant information. By eliminating such difficulties, the online store provides detailed information on export-oriented products of both state-owned enterprises and private factories. According to the developer, goods and services are placed on the platform after appropriate documentary verification.

TurkmenExporters.com also offers consulting services to entrepreneurs interested in exporting their products to new markets.

This portal, which collaborates with the UIET, the Ministry of Textile Industry of Turkmenistan and the Turkmensenagat Association, is currently the leading trading platform of Turkmenistan that introduces Turkmen products and manufacturers to the global business community. The portal has contributed to the export of Turkmen products to more than 40 countries.

TurkmenExporters.com is created on the basis of modern principles of international electronic commerce and acts as a local platform that allows businesses to establish online trade cooperation.

The manufacturers in the trading platform are categorized into 6 categories: textile industry, food industry, chemical and petrochemical industry, building materials industry, pharmaceutical industry, and household goods.

TurkmenExporters.com also markets Turkmen companies that, in addition to production, provide various services. Through this platform, a foreign importer who wants to purchase Turkmen products can order goods, find a law firm that will help with the execution of the transaction in accordance with local legislation, as well as contact logistics companies to transport the purchased goods. If you want to send your representatives to Turkmenistan and get acquainted with the products of a particular plant, you can use the services of travel companies registered in TurkmenExporters.com.