Lebapgasproduction Nearly Completes Naip Gas Processing Plant Modernization

Lebapgasproduction Nearly Completes Naip Gas Processing Plant Modernization
Seydi Oil Refinery

Lebapgasproduction Management of the State Concern Turkmengas for the production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) supplied Seydi Oil Refinery (SOR) with more than 1,5 million tons of hydrocarbon condensate, since gas processing plants started operating in Naip and Bagadja fields.

The refinery processes these strategic raw materials to produce high-quality light petroleum products that are in high demand in international markets.

With the commissioning of the refinery, the main volume of Naip and Bagadja liquefied gas, which are millions of tons, is exported. Automated processing units process natural gas produced all day long at Naip, Gazlydepe, Kerven, Bagadja and Izmail fields.

One of the key vectors for the development of the country's oil and gas complex, in the context of increasing its export potential, is structural diversification and technical modernization based on innovative technologies.

Lebapgasproduction Management focuses on this strategic task by implementing a series of measures for the technical modernization of the first gas processing plant in Naip, built by the Italy’s Technofrigo and put into operation in 1998. The management has already completed the bulk of the planned work to update and improve production processes.