The Concept of the First Caspian Economic Forum

The Concept of the First Caspian Economic Forum

1. Venue of the First Caspian Economic Forum (further – Forum) – Turkmenbashi city, «Аvaza» National Tourist Zone.

2. Date of the Forum – 12 August 2019.

3. Organizational and information-technical provision of the Forum’s activity is carried out by the Organizing Committee, which is headed by Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan.

4. A day before the Forum, on August 11, 2019 there will be a meeting of the ministers of the relevant authorities of the Parties, which are in charge of the implementation of the Agreement between the Governments of the Caspian-littoral states on trade-economic cooperation and Agreement between the Governments of the Caspian-littoral states on cooperation in transport. The agenda will include the issues of the practical implementation of the mentioned agreements.

5. In parallel with the meeting of the relevant authorities of the Parties, on August 11, 2019, there will be meeting of the representatives of the business circles of the Caspian-littoral states, preparation of the Memorandum on Mutual Understanding on establishing the Business Council of the Caspian-littoral states (further – Business Council). The areas of cooperation of the Business Council are shown in the article 11 of this Concept.

6. Delegations of the Caspian-littoral states invited to the Forum include:

  • Members of Governments;
  • Heads of ministries and agencies of the economic bloc of the Governments of the Caspian-littoral states;
  • Heads of the diplomatic missions of the Caspian-littoral states in the Caspian region;
  • Heads of regions and economic blocs of the regional governing bodies of the coastal states;
  • Heads of companies, banks, associations and unions of industrialists and entrepreneurs, representatives of business circles;
  • Scholars;
  • Media.

7. The Forum’s invitees include delegations from the stakeholder states adjacent to the Caspian region, as well as heads and representatives of the international economic, financial, transport, environmental and other organizations.

8. Issues related to the development of the economic cooperation within Caspian region will be considered in the framework of the Forum.

9. Agenda includes creation of conditions for large-scale projects, discussions on the role of the economy of the Caspian region on the global level, investment attractiveness in oil and gas, energy, transport, trade, agro-industrial, tourist and other sectors of economy of the Caspain states that possess mutual interest.

10. Forum consists of three parts – International Conference, Caspian Exhibition of innovation technologies and legal part (signing of treaties, agreement, contracts).

11. In regard to the first part of the Forum – on August 12, 2019 there will be International Conference on the following issues:

  • Implementation of joint investment projects and programs;
  • Exchange of experience related to creation and development of particular, special, free economic zones.
  • Exchange of experience in the field of legislation, standards, rules and statutory data in economic area;
  • Cooperation in the field of digital economy;
  • Development of cooperation between the regions of the littoral states;
  • Creation of joint ventures.

12. In parallel with the Conference there will be business forums and round tables.

13. In the second part of the Forum - on 11 - 12 August 2019, Exhibition of the innovation technologies will be organized.

14. In the third part of the Forum – on 12 August 2019, meetings of the representatives of the Parties, business circles and companies, signing of documents will be held.

15. Cultural program will be arranged during the First Caspian Economic Forum.

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