Legislations on Certification of Goods and Services

Legislations on Certification of Goods and Services

There are several laws in Turkmenistan regulating the certification process of domestically produced and imported goods, as well as services, so that they could meet the requirements of national and international standards.

According to the law on Certification of Turkmenistan, domestically produced or imported goods (as well as used goods which are imported to Turkmenistan) must be certified. It is also noted in law on Certification of Turkmenistan section 12(3) that the producers and service providers must be fully equipped with documents on regulatory requirements of produced goods and provided services. Specially designated state organizations, at the request of parties, work on certification of their products and services, consequently providing them with the certificate of conformity.

A Certificate of Conformity (CoC), is a document given to exporters or importers to show that the goods or services bought or supplied meet the required standards. According to the law on Certification of Turkmenistan section 16, goods without the Certificate of Conformity are banned from distribution and advertisement. It is also noted in section 22, that the product can only be distributed after passing the certification process.

Goods meeting certain demands, which are produced in Turkmenistan, don’t require certification. According to the law on Certification of Turkmenistan section 14(5), handmade folk products (excluding carpets and jewelry made with precious metals or stones), paintings and souvenirs don’t require certification.

Decree of President of Turkmenistan on “The batch of export products that is to be certified” was constituted in February 15, 2016. In accordance with the Decree, carbon-made products mentioned in the batch are crude oil and oil products, natural gas, liquefied gas, gas condensate, polyethylene, polypropylene; agricultural products including cotton and cotton fiber, wheat and wheat flour, silk;   chemical industry products composed of  iodine, bromine, carbamide and burning match; construction industry products made up of cement, metal and metal products, polyethylene and polypropylene tubes, products extracted from natural minerals are chosen for the process of certification.

Punctual certification of goods and services are of utmost importance, regardless of the type of ownership. Accordingly, this can be done at “Turkmenstandartlary” Main State Service’s local branches.