Turkmen Logistics Companies Boost Their Operations

Turkmen Logistics Companies Boost Their Operations
Logistics companies are the main link between sellers and buyers.

The strategy to increase export potential of state owned and private industrial enterprises in the field of entrepreneurship in Turkmenistan has led to an increase in logistics companies. These companies are the main link between sellers and buyers.

It is possible to get acquainted with many Turkmen logistics companies at various exhibitions in Ashgabat.

Beýik Ýüpek ýoly, Türkmen milli logistik, Döwrebap ulag merkezi, and Aziýa ulaglary logistics companies presented their stands at the international exhibition devoted to the achievements of the local industry, which took place on October 15-16 at the exhibition hall of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan.

Beýik Ýüpek ýoly has been working in the field of logistics for more than 10 years. Since then, the company has served more than 2,637 customers and transported more than 1,8 million tons of cargo. The company participated in the International Congress of the Logistics Association in Cape Town, South Africa on October 1-5.

The main shareholder of Türkmen milli logistik is the Ýük ulag merkezi private enterprise. The company founded in 2014 has the ambitious goal - to be among the top ten best transport companies in Central Asia. The company was the main sponsor of the 2018 international conference “Heavy Caspian: Turkmenistan” held in the Avaza National Tourist Zone.

One of the main activities of Döwrebap ulag merkezi private enterprise, established in 2016, is the transportation of goods by rail on the basis of an agreement with the Türkmendemirýollary agency.

Turkmen companies in the field of transport and logistics also collaborate with government sectors.

Based on the Decree of the President of Turkmenistan dated July 31, 2018, in order to increase the efficiency of the possibilities for international transit traffic through the territory of Turkmenistan, to increase the competitiveness of the country's transport industry, to help increase the volume of transit goods, as well as to develop logistics solutions for the transit import-export cargo from the consignor to the consignee with one or more means of transport (multimodal services) an open joint-stock company “Transport and Logistics Center of Turkmenistan” was created.

The company’s 70% share belongs to the state (Türkmendemirýollary agency 35%, Türkmenawtoulaglary agency 10%, Türkmenaragatnaşyk agency 5%, Türkmenhowaýollary agency 5%, Türkmendenizderýayollary agency 5% and State insurance agency 10%), while the remaining 30% belongs to the Türkmen logistika assosiasiýasy private enterprise created by the members of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Industrialists of Turkmenistan.

In her speech at the Turkmen-Iranian business forum on Wednesday, Deputy director of the Türkmen logistika assosiasiýasy Sahra Amanova, noted that this cooperation was mutually beneficial.

Among the local transport and logistics companies there are also the Bir Dünýä and the Altyn Ýoda private enterprises.

Altyn Ýoda began its activities in 2013, working with 12 ports of the world. Since then, the company has transported 3,650 containers and prepared 2,750 customs declarations. The company collaborates with large companies such as Toyo Engineering, Hyundai Engineering and Gap Inşaat.

Bir Dünýä private enterprise, founded in 2009, received financial support in the amount of US $ 1 million from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in 2013. With the allocated funds, the company expanded its services for oil and gas companies by purchasing vehicles and special equipment.