Main Objectives and Principles of UIET

Main Objectives and Principles of UIET
Turkmen press published the newly edited Law of Turkmenistan “On the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan” on October 16.

The Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan (SPIT) (hereinafter referred to as the Union) carries out its activities in accordance with this Law, other regulatory legal acts of Turkmenistan, and the Charter of the Union.

The main objectives of the Union are:

  • rallying an association of entrepreneurs;
  • organization of effective interaction of state bodies with business entities;
  • contributing to the creation of favorable legal, economic and social conditions for the implementation of entrepreneurial initiatives in Turkmenistan;
  • participation in the work to improve legislation related to business in Turkmenistan;
  • representation of members of the Union and protection of their rights and legitimate interests;
  • creation of industrial and other production structures, a network of technology parks, technopolises, business incubators, production and technical centers, centers of innovation for industrial zones, as well as transport and logistics centers and other market structures and the implementation of free economic zones in accordance with the legislation of Turkmenistan;
  • assistance to the development of agriculture and entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector of the economy;
  • consolidation of business entities operating in the tourism sector of Turkmenistan, coordination of their activities, participation in the development of international cooperation in this direction;
  • supporting the production of new types of import-substituting and export-oriented products and promoting their sale in the domestic and foreign markets;
  • assisting business entities in the training, retraining and advanced training of personnel, the creation of higher, secondary vocational educational institutions, including through the organization of vocational training and internships for specialists in Turkmenistan and abroad;
  • assisting the members of the Union in participating in foreign economic activity, interregional cooperation, and in building up their export potential;
  • formation of the position of members of the Union on the most important issues of economic and social development of society and the state;
  • facilitating the participation of members of the Union in government procurement of goods (works, services);
  • representation of their rights, rights and legitimate interests of their members in government bodies and local governments;
  • assistance within the framework of the jurisdiction of the Union to the creation and development of public-private partnership enterprises, their adaptation to the conditions of a market economy;
  • providing advice and assistance to the members of the Union on economic, legal, and informational issues, assistance in protecting their social and other rights;
  • organization of the exchange of best practices and the dissemination of information among members of the Union;
  • participation in a certain order in the preparation of interstate agreements on economic, scientific, technical, legal, environmental and social issues;
  • development and implementation of its programs and projects, the focus of which is consistent with the goals of the Charter of the Union;
  • the creation of funds, advisory, information and marketing centers, research laboratories, educational, scientific, cultural, advertising, tourism and other organizations, independently or jointly with other organizations;
  • the creation of information, editorial and publishing organizations and other media;
  • holding exhibitions, educational and scientific conferences and other events aimed at developing the economy and expanding cooperation, improving the entrepreneurial and professional qualifications of managers, specialists of enterprises, and entrepreneurs.

The principles of the Union

The activities of the Union are based on the principles of:

  • independence, self-government, legality and accountability;
  • equal rights of all business entities that are members of the Union;
  • compliance of decisions made with the basic principles of domestic and foreign policy of the state;
  • a combination of legality, publicity, public and state interests;
  • specificity of work, reporting to its members, responsibility;
  • the effectiveness, consistency and operativeness of decisions made and their implementation;
  • development of intersectoral, industry associations;
  • social responsibility of entrepreneurship;
  • promoting the safety of goods, works and services for life, human health and the environment;
  • ensuring a combination of public and entrepreneurial interests.

The Union carries out entrepreneurial activities in accordance with the legislation of Turkmenistan in order to achieve its statutory goals, the profit derived from this activity can be used only for the purposes specified in the charter. Profit from entrepreneurial activity cannot be distributed among its members.

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