Datly Şerbet’s Product Range Nears 100 Confections

Datly Şerbet’s Product Range Nears 100 Confections
Datly Şerbet ’s current daily average production rate is 25 tons of products.

The range of confectionery products of the Datly Şerbet private enterprise nears one hundred. The enterprise, which opened at the beginning of the year, is the subsidiary of the Täze Aý Önümleri company.

Datly Şerbet received 3.5 hectares of land in the Täze Güýç village of the Mary velayat for the construction of the confectionery factory. The factory’s daily production capacity is 85 tons of confections.

The enterprise’s current daily average production rate is 25 tons of products. The enterprise produced and sold 4,500 tons of products over the past 6 months.

The specialist of the enterprise Tanrygulyyev Dovran said that at the beginning, when the enterprise just started operating, the production included only 25 types of products. “In a short time, we managed to bring it closer to the 100s, and this led to the creation of new jobs,” he added.

“We sent the first batch of products to the Kyrgyz Republic. We are also negotiating with representatives of China, to export our products to the country,” Tanrygulyyev said. “A large-scale exhibition launched on the sidelines of the First Caspian Economic Forum at the Turkmen coast of the Caspian Sea on August 11-12. After the exhibition, there were many who wanted to negotiate with us.”

Täze Aý Önümleri company currently produces a wide range of various products under the Täze Aý trademark such as milk and dairy products, dozens of types of ice cream, meat and meat products, various types of sausages, culinary semi-finished products - dumplings, manty, and chebureks. Finished products are immediately delivered to retail outlets of the country.

Datly Şerbet enterprise produces a wide assortment of muffins, biscuit cookies, as well as chocolate-coated cookies and wafers that are sold at the country's stores. The enterprise currently employs about 400 people.