Turkmen Businesswoman Supplies Domestic Food Market With Taýyn Products

Turkmen Businesswoman Supplies Domestic Food Market With Taýyn Products
Entrepreneur Orazjemal Orazova said that her enterprise produces seven types pasta products.

Member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, entrepreneur Orazjemal Orazova supplies consumers with various finished products under the Taýyn trademark.

Orazova currently operates a small manufacturing enterprise in Ashgabat, which produces various types of pasta. The production process involves equipment imported from Iran. The enterprise delivers hundreds of packages of pasta products to the domestic market every day.

The entrepreneur said that the enterprise packages pasta products and about 15 types of food products such as mung bean, rice, buckwheat, and lentils. “We have seven types of pasta. Mash, rice, buckwheat, and lentils are first cleaned, and then packaged in 450 g, 900 g, and 5-10 kg containers,” Orazova noted.

“We were the first to sell fried noodles. Due to the convenience of cooking, as well as the unusual taste, customer demand for this food product is increasing,” the entrepreneur added.

Entrepreneur Orazova has experience in preparing various dishes from world cuisine and therefore she prepares advertisements on recipes for cooking dishes that she shares with readers on the Internet.

Turkmen entrepreneurs provide packages for Taýyn trademarked products.