Ak Çeşme Provides Consumers With 20 Types of Dairy Products

Ak Çeşme Provides Consumers With 20 Types of Dairy Products
The enterprise receives and processes about three tons of milk daily.

Entrepreneur Berdimuhammet Charyyev has launched the production of dairy products on a allocated one hectare land in the Bayramali etrap of Mary velayat. The entrepreneur currently provides the population with 20 types of dairy products under the Ak Çeşme trademark.

The enterprise is located on the territory of the Täze Durmuş village, which allows residents living nearby to donate surplus milk from cattle to the enterprise.

Charyyev said the company also processes milk purchased on a contractual basis from the Ak Hünji individual enterprise. “Every day, we receive about three tons of high-quality milk” the entrepreneur added. The enterprise processes this milk to produce butter, ghee, kefir, cream and sour cream.

“Previously, we had to buy containers or additives for products in foreign countries.” Charyev noted. “Now they are produced by Turkmen entrepreneurs. In our production we use containers manufactured by the Lälezar zaman individual enterprise, also located on the territory of our etrap.”

The enterprise delivers fresh dairy products to the markets and retail outlets of the country.