Silk Plant in Turkmenabat Installs Modern Equipment

Silk Plant in Turkmenabat Installs Modern Equipment
Silkworm producers in Turkmenistan produced more than 2.26 thousand tons of silkworm cocoons last year.

Turkmenabat Silk Production Association is implementing a program of technical and technological modernization aimed at increasing the efficiency of cocoon processing and export opportunities of the enterprise.

The enterprise started the installation and commissioning of four innovative cocoon winders from Chinese manufacturers. The new machines feature high performance, low waste technology and the output of high-quality silk fiber.

According to the head of cocoon processing workshop, the new units will be put into operation this summer.

The enterprise produces exquisite fabrics and carpets from silk thread at its weaving and dyeing workshops and exports excess silk yarn to foreign countries.

In addition, specialists of the association carry out breeding work at its Grenage Plant. During the years of independence, the enterprise has bred elite silkworm varieties such as Turkmen-13, Turkmen-16, Ak Pille-1, Ak Pille-2, Dostluk -1, Dostluk-2, which yield high-quality silk threads.

In 2019, Turkmenabat Silk Production Association produced 380 thousand square meters of high-quality silk fabric, 80 tons of yarn and over 110 square meters of silk carpets. In 2020, the enterprise plans to significantly exceed the last year's indicators.