Miwe OJSC Implements 1,200-Hectare Agricultural Project in Turkmenistan

Miwe OJSC Implements 1,200-Hectare Agricultural Project in Turkmenistan
Miwe Open Joint Stock Company developed a 1,200-hectare agricultural project.

Miwe Open Joint Stock Company, established by four companies, developed a large-scale agricultural project.

The shareholders of the OJSC are Hemsaýa, Gök Bulut, Miweli Atyz and Datly Miwe companies. Miwe OJSC unveiled its 1,200-hectare project, which it implements on a land allocated to each of its shareholders, at the exhibition dedicated to the 12th anniversary of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan that began on Tuesday.

The land allotted to the company is located in Ahal velayat’s Kaka etrap and will be planted with fruit trees such as dates, apple, peach, plum and pear. The company also intends to plant dry fruit trees such as walnuts and almonds in the fields.

The company’s project also includes the construction of an 80-hectare greenhouse for banana cultivation. The greenhouse is expected to yield harvest twice a year.

The infrastructure of the project also includes the supply of electricity and natural gas, residential and other buildings, as well as irrigation systems. The most suitable methods to implement the plans have been selected and are currently being worked on. The company’s project envisages the appropriate use of flood water as well.

According to the business plan of the Miwe OJSC, Hemsaýa and Gök Bulut companies will create their fruit orchards in the 2019-2020 sowing season in the areas allotted to them. All other crops will be planted during the 2020-2021 sowing season.