Turkmenistan to Increase Range of Domestic Construction Materials

Turkmenistan to Increase Range of Domestic Construction Materials

Turkmenistan carries out scientifically-based development of ore deposits in accordance with the requirements of the time, and activities to increase the volume and range of production of domestic construction materials.

The country also studies the possibilities of using the non-metallic materials available in the country in the production of construction finishing products.

Türkmenmermer (Turkmen Marble) Closed Joint-Stock Company processes lime stones and blocks found in the Gaýly, Düzmergen and Şagadam deposits to manufacture high-quality granite and marble tiles, which are distinguished by their beautiful appearance and high density.

Granite and decorative stones found in the quarries, due to their characteristics and rich color gamut, will be used in finishing works, in exterior and interior decoration of buildings.

Calcareous stones of red-pink color from the Gaýly deposit, located near the city of Turkmenbashi in western Turkmenistan, can be used to decorate the external and internal walls of buildings.

Calcareous stones painted in yellowish-white and light brown tones found in Düzmergen deposit, located 10 kilometers northeast of the city of Balkanabat in western Turkmenistan, can also be used in the interior decoration of rooms.

Şagadam granite-tuff site is located on the eponymous hill of the city of Turkmenbashi. The green and grey rock materials extracted there will be used for decorative and facing works.