Railway Border Station in Kazakhstan Takes Coronavirus Prevention Measures

Railway Border Station in Kazakhstan Takes Coronavirus Prevention Measures
Bolashak railway station (Photo: Kazakhstan Railways)

To prevent the spread of coronavirus among railway workers at the Bolashak station, located near the state border with Turkmenistan, the order of reception and dispatching of trains was changed, KTZ-Freight transportation JSC, a rail freight carrier of Kazakhstan, said in its Monday press release.

According to the agreement of the railway administrations of the two countries, during the reception of freight trains, contacts between the railway workers of Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan were excluded as much as possible.

According to the Head of the station, Maksat Nurbekov, if earlier at least dozen of specialists participated in the reception of trains, now only the locomotive driver and his assistant are carrying out the reception of the trains and accompanying documents.

Changes in the train reception process reduced the time for sanitization of trains by one and a half hours and the downtime of a transit wagons at the station. At the same time, the new measures do not affect the quality of border control.

At the station, the railroad workers work normally in shifts. The nature of the work does not allow it to be carried out remotely. The station has taken all the necessary preventive measures.

Since the beginning of the year, 105 trains or 4725 wagons have arrived at the Bolashak station from Turkmenistan and 97 trains or 4,392 wagons have been dispatched to the opposite direction.