Turkmenistan’s Barcode Organization Attends GS1 General Assembly

Turkmenistan’s Barcode Organization Attends GS1 General Assembly
GS1 Portugal headquarters

General Assembly of the International Organization GS1 was held in a video conference format on June 2-3.

The Chairman of GS1 Turkmenistan Aykamar Malikguliyeva represented Turkmenistan in the meeting.

The meeting participants primarily discussed the negative impact of COVID-19 on the activities of various sectors. The pandemic has particularly negatively impacted the tourism, light and electronic industries, according to the presented statistics.

During the discussion of the strategic plan and budget of the Global Office (GO) for a three-year period, the Assembly announced its intention to invest in digital services. In this regard, it was noted that the strategy will foster industries, digitize physical activities and create of trust and innovation.

The parties also discussed plans for introducing an online platform for providing barcodes (Activate-Grade), which should be implemented in all GS1 organizations by 2023. The participants noted that this platform is already widely used by GS1 Turkmenistan.

They also discussed the implementation of the Verified by GS1 system, which is used to confirm the authenticity and correctness of the barcode, its valid ownership by the product manufacturer. The system helps to detect counterfeit products.

During the videoconference, Qatar was admitted to membership in GS1.