Turkmen Farmers Start Harvesting Olives

Turkmen Farmers Start Harvesting Olives
In Balkan velayat’s Etrek etrap, a local private farmer planted 1,700 olive trees in 2016.

The state policy of Turkmenistan in the field of the agro-industrial complex is aimed at radical reforming and modernization of the sector, building the potential of its processing sector, providing the population in full with high-quality food products of local production. To this end, conditions are also created to attract entrepreneurs to the industry and stimulate business initiatives of villagers.

One of such projects is implemented in Balkan velayat’s Etrek etrap, where a local private farmer planted 1,700 olive trees in 2016 on a long-term leased nine-hectare plot.

According to the Turkmen media reports, in October this year, the entrepreneur began supplying the harvested olive harvest, which are distinguished by excellent taste. The olive harvest will continue until November.

Olives grown in subtropical conditions in Etrek ripen 40-45 days earlier than in countries located in other geographic zones, while the fat content of Etrek olives exceeds that of those grown elsewhere by 10-15%, according to the report.

Olive trees are resistant to dehydration and are evergreens. Fruits of 25 varieties of olives are widely used in industrial production.