Turkmen Company Harvests Nearly 500 Tons of Apples

Turkmen Company Harvests Nearly 500 Tons of Apples
Erkin gurluşyk Individual Enterprise grows white, yellow, red and green apples.

Erkin gurluşyk Individual Enterprise harvested nearly 500 tons of apples from 40 hectares of land this year, Rysgal newspaper reported on Monday.

The company was allocated 300 hectares of land in Oguzhan etrap of Turkmenistan’s Mary velayat. The agricultural company planted apple trees on 40 hectares, grapes on 40 hectares, and various fruit trees on 5 hectares. Apple tree seedlings were brought from Turkey, while most of the grape vines were bought from Uzbekistan. The company also grows various local varieties of grapes.

According to the head of the company Toyly Chariyev, each hectare of land contains 2,500 apple trees, grown a meter apart. The distance between rows of apple trees is 4 meters. White, yellow, red and green apples are grown at the fields.

“The trees are 2 meters high, have a small circumference, and bear fruit along the entire height of the tree. Harvesting lasts from August to November. In the future, when young apple trees begin to yield in full, it will be possible to harvest up to 30-40 kg of fruit from each tree,” Chariyev noted.

Erkin gurluşyk also operates a livestock complex, which now contains 300 cattle.