Täze Aý Exports 100 Tons of Ice Cream to China

Täze Aý Exports 100 Tons of Ice Cream to China
The company produces nearly 40 types of ice cream.

Täze Aý Individual Enterprise, located in Murgap etrap of Turkmenistan’s Mary velayat, exported around 100 tons of ice cream to China in October this year. The company plans to significantly increase the volume of exports to the country.

According to Neytralny Turkmenistan newspaper’s Wednesday issue, the workshops of the enterprise equipped with the high-tech machinery from Germany, China and Turkey allows to produce up to 10 thousand tons of products annually.

The company produces nearly 4 thousand tons of ice cream annually. The company’s ice cream assortment includes up to 40 varieties.

In 2017, the company launched the production of nearly 100 varieties of confectionery, including biscuits, muffins and waffles under the Täze Aý brand.

The company produces Köke Paý cookies, Dide, Belle and Top muffins, Sarwan and Bagla waffles, as well as biscuits with sugar and puff pastries. In addition, the enterprise plans to expand its range of sweets and chocolate products.

Täze Aý Individual Enterprise was founded in 2004 and is presently employing 1705 specialists.