Cotton Mill in Turkmenabat Produces Over 529 Tons of Yarn

Cotton Mill in Turkmenabat Produces Over 529 Tons of Yarn
The enterprise’s revenue in the first two months of this year exceeded 6 million manats.

The cotton spinning factory, located in Turkmenabat city in Turkmenistan’s eastern velayat of Lebap, produced more than 529 tons of yarn during the first two months of this year instead of the planned 526.4 tons, the country’s official media reported on Tuesday.

The plant’s yarn production exceeded 272 tons and 257 tons in January and February, respectively.

During the period, the enterprise’s revenue exceeded 6 million manats, which is 125% more compared to the same period last year.

The fully automated equipment of Switzerland’s Uster company is used to measure the physical and mechanical characteristics of cotton fiber and cotton yarn in the factory. The plant uses machinery of Italy’s Zancaner company for packaging of the yarn and equipment of Swiss Luwa company for cooling, heating and air conditioning.

This modern enterprise is designed for the annual production of 4,500 tons of high-quality yarn, with 4 thousand tons produced with the Open-end spinning technology. Open-end spinning is considered as one of the highest quality yarn manufacturing techniques used in the textile industry, according to the report.

This year, the factory exported 384.4 tons, or 72%, of its products to Turkey, Poland, Russia and the UAE.