New Turkmen Enterprise to Produce 1,200 Tons of Mushrooms Annually

New Turkmen Enterprise to Produce 1,200 Tons of Mushrooms Annually
The complex will be one of the largest mushroom production facilities in Central Asia.

New enterprise designed to produce 1,200 tons of mushrooms annually will soon open in Ovadandepe industrial zone in Gokdepe etrap of Turkmenistan’s Ahal velayat, Rysgal newspaper reported on Monday.

At the exhibition dedicated to the 13th anniversary of the founding of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, the Entrepreneur Babasadyk Churiyev presented packaged mushrooms under the Tokaýçy trademark and informed about his new production plant that is under construction.

The enterprise will include an administrative building, a building for personnel, a canteen, mushroom greenhouses, a composting plant, storage facilities and technical rooms. The new plant will be equipped with modern machinery from leading manufacturers of Germany and the Netherlands, according to the report.

This complex will be one of the largest in Central Asia, the Turkmen businessman noted, adding that the 50% of the products will be supplied to the domestic market, and the rest to the external markets.

The compost plant will produce 4,000 tons of compost per year. While mushrooms are usually grown on cocopeat, the Turkmen company has developed an alternative composting technology from local raw materials.

Entrepreneur Babasadyk Churiev plans to start mass production of fresh mushrooms of large sizes and canned small mushrooms by the end of this year. The enterprise will grow Silvan variety of mushrooms.