Turkmen Sausage Producer Expands Its Product Range

Turkmen Sausage Producer Expands Its Product Range
Bereketli produces more than 60 types meat products.

Bereketli Economic Society launched the production of new types of sausages this year, the official media of Turkmenistan reported on Saturday.

The company now produces Şatagam, Bitaraplyk and Akmaral camel sausages, Perganat and Altyn Guş chicken sausages, and Gülzar smoked sausages.

Bereketli’s product range includes more than 60 types of cooked, semi-smoked and smoked meat and sausages.

The production plant of the company is equipped with advanced European equipment, according to the report.

Bereketli Economic Society, the member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, in the near future plans to start production of gowurdak (meat preserved in tallow) from camel meat.