Turkmenistan Can Become World's Largest Lithium Exporter – Expert

Turkmenistan Can Become World's Largest Lithium Exporter – Expert
Lithium is widely used in rechargeable batteries.

Turkmenistan has all resources to become the world's largest producer of lithium and a supplier of this strategic product to world markets, Doctor of Technical Sciences Allaberdi Ilyasov said in his article published on CentralAsia.news news website on Tuesday.

The expert said the global demand for lithium by 2025 will increase to 550 thousand tons. The main driver of this increase will be the massive introduction of electric vehicles. Lithium in its characteristics has unique properties that distinguish it from many other metals, in this regard, it has received a very extensive geography of use. Copper and lithium sulphide has proven to be one of the best semiconductors for making thermal and electrical converters, he stated.

Summarizing all the qualities of the element, the analyst stressed the expediency of establishing the production in Turkmenistan of lithium compounds, which is in high demand in the world market.

The scientist pointed out that a special place in the development of the chemical industry in Turkmenistan is given to the Garabogazgol bay.

The Turkmen expert explained that the low-concentration deposits with direct extraction of lithium are brines, for example, in the Dead Sea, in Garabogazgol, in geothermal waters in Turkey, France, Germany and the USA. The lithium can also be found in waters accompanying oil production in Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Russia, he added.

Ilyasov concluded his article saying “Turkmenistan has practically all natural, technological and human resources in order to become a major global producer of lithium and its supplier to the world market”.

Lithium is widely used in rechargeable batteries for mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras and electric vehicles.