Meno Logistics Turkmen Answers FAQs About Cargo Transportation

Meno Logistics Turkmen Answers FAQs About Cargo Transportation
Oversized cargo must only be transported with the assistance of professionals, as there is a great risk of damaging not only the cargo itself, but also the infrastructure.

Meno Logistics offers its customers all over the world high-quality and comprehensive transport and logistics services. Regardless of the challenges and market conditions, the company's in-depth knowledge of the industry and understanding of local conditions ensures the best possible outcome.

A specialist of the logistics support department of Meno Logistics Turkmen gave answers to frequently asked questions in the field of logistics and customs clearance.

- What kind of cargo is considered as oversized cargo and how best to organize its transportation?

Firstly, an oversized cargo is a cargo, the dimensions of which exceed the allowable limits for transportation established by the rules of the road transport. In other words, it is an indivisible item of cargo that cannot fit into a standard vehicle.

Secondly, oversized cargo must only be transported with the assistance of professionals, as there is a great risk of damaging not only the cargo itself, but also the infrastructure. It is necessary to check the entire route to make sure that there will be no insurmountable obstacles such as bridges, overpasses and power lines.

Thirdly, it is advisable to insure an oversized cargo, which our experts clearly stipulate in the contract with the client. If necessary, additional support is arranged.

Mandatory items that must be considered:

  • Proper selection of transport for entrusted cargo
  • Determine the special characteristics of the goods during transportation
  • Preparation of loading and securing schemes

- How is the transshipment of freight at the border of Turkmenistan carried out?

Our company has its representatives at the border of Turkmenistan. Their task is as follows:

  • an empty trailer arrives at the neutral zone; 
  • at the same time, from the side of the neighboring state, a loaded trailer is brought to the neutral zone;
  • our trailer hooks it up and takes it to the border customs zone of Turkmenistan to go through all customs formalities;
  • then the vehicle follows to the unloading point;
  • after unloading, the vehicle returns the trailer to the border.

- How can I get a freight calculation?

You will be able to get cargo transportation cost calculation by addressing to any of our Internet resources – the website (, e-mail (, instagram (meno_logistics), telegram, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, YouTube, Tick-Tock @menologistics and through phone number +99312271522. Our specialists are available 24 hours a day. In each case it is necessary to specify the nuances and peculiarities, because the calculation of freight transportation takes into account absolutely all the data – from weight of the cargo to the type of transport.

- Are there any bonuses for regularly using services?

If you become a regular customer, our company is ready to provide discounts for services and offer more loyal conditions for cargo transportation in any direction and by any mode of transport.

- Does Meno Logistiks Türkmen company provide cargo transportation by railway transport? Could you tell me how to calculate the cost of rail transportation to understand the forthcoming expenses?

Our company provides rail transportation in any direction. For more details, please contact our consultants. To get an estimate you should answer the following questions: 

  • route;
  • cargo weight;
  • the dimensions/dimensions of cargo;
  • the type of rolling stock (covered wagon, semi wagon, container transportation, etc.);
  • special conditions for cargo transportation;
  • necessity of loading/unloading the wagon by our workers;
  • the need for packaging, marking;
  • the need for customs clearance of the cargo.

As our company has its own containers for rail transportation, their rent is not included in the estimate.