Turkmen State Enterprise Expands Its Assortment of Jams

Turkmen State Enterprise Expands Its Assortment of Jams
The Abadan enterprise mainly processes fruits and vegetables to produce jams.

The Abadan enterprise of the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations of Turkmenistan has recently launched the production of jam from rosehips and beets.

During the exhibition of Trade Complex of Turkmenistan on Monday, the enterprise's representative Sonagul Kosayeva told Business Turkmenistan that the main activity of the enterprise is processing fruits and vegetables. Finished products are delivered to the stores all over the country, she added.

Besides, the enterprise produces different kinds of drinks, such as rosehip compote, bottled water, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The fruits for the production are procured from local farmers.

The company also produces canned products, including tomato paste, mashed potatoes, and 14 kinds of confectionery. It also bakes traditional Turkmen bread – chorek.

The Abadan enterprise was established in Ashgabat in 1958. The company's products, meeting international quality standards, are exported to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, Russia and Iran.