Louvre to Display Turkmen Artifacts

Louvre to Display Turkmen Artifacts
Louvre, Paris (Photo: Louvre museum official website)

The Louvre, one of the largest and most famous art museums of the world, will host an exhibition of archeological artifacts of Turkmenistan.

Issues concerning the organization of the exhibition were discussed at Thursday's meeting of Turkmen and French specialists via video link, the official media of Turkmenistan reports.

The artifacts found during the excavations of the Ulug Depe site, a unique monument where the Turkmen-French archaeological team has been successfully working for over 20 years, will be on display in the Louvre in Paris.

The sides considered the concept of the project developed by the Turkmen side and the stages of its implementation. In the course of the talks, the parties exchanged views on the prospects of the exhibition, its name and the number of exhibits.

Specialist in cultural artifacts and researcher of the Louvre's Department of Antiquities Agnes Benoit, who attended the International Scientific Conference on Archaeology in Ashgabat, noted that holding such an exhibition would be the first step in enhancing business relations between the two countries' museums. The necessary package of documents has already been prepared by the museum authorities, the French expert added.

Louvre is not only a splendid architectural monument, but also a palace of the French kings and one of the most prestigious museums of the world. The world-famous work "Mono Lisa" (Joconde) by the famous Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci is also exhibited in the Louvre and is considered the jewel of this museum.