Halkara Syýahat, Dünýä Ulag Hyzmatlary Open Joint Office in Ashgabat

Halkara Syýahat, Dünýä Ulag Hyzmatlary Open Joint Office in Ashgabat
Halkara Syýahat is also the official agent of Turkish Airlines (THY).

Turkmen tourism and logistics companies Halkara Syýahat (International Tourism) and Dünýä Ulag Hyzmatlary (World Transport Services) opened a joint office in the capital Ashgabat on Monday.

Dünýä Ulag Hyzmatlary, together with Asia Sky Express that was founded by Sermet Cetin in 1995, provides different types cargo transportation and document delivery services to more than 230 countries, the company’s specialist Menli Emirovatold Business Turkmenistan. Dünýä Ulag Hyzmatlary is also the official partner of Turkish Cargo.

Dünýä Ulag Hyzmatlary services include door-to-door delivery air freight forwarding, secure packaging, customs clearance and consulting, online tracking and transport of personal items. The main features of the company are speed, reliability and transparency.

The delivery of the cargo to the specified address is carried out within 5-10 days, depending on the country of shipment. The company also provides express delivery services for documents and cargo weighing up to 30 kilograms.

Established on March 19, 2022 in Ashgabat, Halkara Syýahat organizes excursions and tours abroad and in Turkmenistan for foreign tourists and locals. The company is also the official agent of Turkish Airlines (THY).

Halkara Syýahat provides ticket and hotel reservation, tour arrangement, visa and other travel services.

Gulovser Ovezberdiyeva, Travel Manager at Halkara Syýahat, told Business Turkmenistan that the company can organize trips to all directions, including Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Poland, Tajikistan and Russia.

Halkara Syýahat employs specialists who speak several foreign languages.

The joint office of Halkara Syýahat and Dünýä Ulag Hyzmatlary is located at apartment number 36 (Ulag Menzil building) on G.Ezizov Street in Ashgabat.

Dünýä Ulag Hyzmatlary contacts:

Phone numbers: +993 (12) 95 46 82/83; +993 61-13-16-61

Email: aseocsasb@asecourier.com

Website: ase.com.tr

Halkara Syýahat contacts:

Phone numbers: +993 63-10-34-44; +993 63-10-35-55

Instagram: Halkarasyyahat