Argus Mineral Fertilizers 2023

Argus Mineral Fertilizers is hosting Argus Mineral Fertilizers 2023 — Caspian, Black Sea, and Eastern European Markets Conference on September 14-15, 2023 in Istanbul, Türkiye.

The event is the largest of its kind in the region and will bring together producers, trading and transportation companies, infrastructure owners, shippers, exporters, logistics operators, finance companies, and technology providers from Europe, Asia, and Africa. Last year, more than 250 delegates from 20 countries attended and this year promises to be just as informative and impactful. During the conference, attendees will discuss the products, volumes, and delivery methods that will shape the Caspian and Black Sea export markets in the coming years. 

The key topics that the conference will cover are: 

  • Current trends in the global fertilizer market
  • The fertilizer market situation in Eastern Europe (Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria)
  • Changes in trade flows of fertilizer exports from the Caspian and Black Sea region
  • The urea market in Caspian, Black Sea, and Mediterranean countries
  • Turkey as a new hub for fertilizer exports
  • New logistics infrastructure at Caspian and Black Sea ports
  • Development of rail transport corridors, competition from road transport
  • Container and multimodal transportation of fertilizers — new opportunities for suppliers
  • Green fertilizers

Please follow this link for registration.

For details, please contact the organizers at: fertconf@argusmedia.com

Istanbul, Türkiye
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