Ashgabat Hosts Turkish Breakfast Meals Presentation

Ashgabat Hosts Turkish Breakfast Meals Presentation
The opening speech of the Turkish ambassador in Turkmenistan Togan Oral, June 5, 2023, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

The residence of Turkish ambassador in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan hosted a breakfast on Monday dedicated to the soon entry of the famous Turkish breakfast into the UNESCO list of intangible heritage. The event was attended by representatives of local and foreign media.

Speaking to guests, Turkish Ambassador in Turkmenistan Togan Oral emphasized the breakfast's integral role in Turkish culture, stressing that the event was dedicated to the anticipated inclusion of the Turkish breakfast in the UNESCO list. Being invited to breakfast is a traditional manifestation of Turkish hospitality, and Turkish people are happy to share this dish with their family and friends. The ambassador also noted that Turkish cuisine rightly occupies a place on par with other well-known cuisines such as Italian, French, and Indian.

The breakfast featured Turkish national dishes such as olives, different kinds of cheese, honey, jam, nuts, peppers, and baguettes. 

Representatives of the Turkish Embassy expressed confidence that the Turkish breakfast will soon be included in the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List, reflecting the richness of Turkish culture and traditions.

The process of inclusion of the Turkish breakfast in the Intangible Heritage List of UNESCO has been going on for 2 years. A decision on the inclusion of the breakfast is expected in the near future.