A Coffee Continuously for Five Years Pleases Ashgabat’s Coffee Lovers

A Coffee cafe in Ashgabat offers its customers 17 varieties of one of the world’s most popular drink, coffee.

In an interview with the Business Turkmenistan, A Coffee’s Manager Timur Zhuchkov said that they use coffee beans imported from South America and Africa to make the beverages.

“With the Turkish company Kulbins we signed a contract for the production of coffee. The company processes coffee beans imported from South America and Africa using our technology, i.e. mixing coffee beans from two continents, produces coffee and sends it to us in a 1kg packages,” the Manager said.

Timur Zhuchkov also shared with the three methods of coffee preparation: in a Turk, a coffee machine, and a handmade (in a special container). According to him, making coffee in a Turk takes 5-6 minutes, in a coffee maker-30 seconds and it takes 3-4 minutes to make handmade coffee.

“The most thick and delicious is a handmade coffee,” Zhuchkov added.

“In our cafe you can also order a takeaway coffee, there is also a service for the delivery of confectionery to your home. Every day, 100 cups of takeaway coffee are prepared. On average, over 150 people visit our cafe daily,” the Cafe Manager said during the conversation. “We offer our customers 17 varieties of coffee. The most popular are Cappuccino, Latte and Americano. We strive to offer quality coffee to our customers”

Zhuchkov said there are currently two A Coffee locations in Ashgabat, adding that in the future they plan to open two more. He also shared with the plans of the company to establish the sale of coffee products in 1kg packages and cups under the A Coffee brand at the markets in Turkmenistan.

A Coffee has been pleasing customers in Ashgabat since 2015.