Presentation of Arkadag City Takes Place in Luxembourg

Presentation of Arkadag City Takes Place in Luxembourg
During the meeting, the parties stressed the need to find the most mutually beneficial areas for investment.

The Ambassador of Turkmenistan Sapar Palvanov met with the Director of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce for International Affairs Cindy Tereba and presented the new Arkadag city on Tuesday, Turkmen embassy in Belgium reported in its press release.

The Ambassador noted that the city will be the first in the country to be designated as a smart, environmentally friendly city, and invited Luxembourg companies to participate in joint investment projects involving high-tech solutions in the fields of digitalization and IT.

Emphasizing that Luxembourg is one of the leaders in IT-technology development, Cindy Tereba said that Grand Duchy companies would be interested in cooperation with Turkmenistan in tech sphere and preparing their proposals on managing the smart city of Arkadag.

During the meeting, the sides stressed the need to establish a platform to establish contacts between the business communities of the two countries, to explore opportunities and potentials, find the mutually beneficial areas for investment.

Sapar Palvanov and Cindy Tereba agreed to hold a roundtable discussion in the near future in Luxembourg or Ashgabat, bringing together heads of companies and financial institutions from the Duchy, the business community, and Turkmenistan's economic bloc to discuss counter-proposals in greater depth.

Summing up the meeting, Ambassador Palvanov and Director for International Relations of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce noted the relevance of establishing close contacts between Turkmenistan and the West European state. Sapar Palvanov confirmed that Turkmenistan sees Luxembourg and the European Union as reliable partners in the economy.

On the same day, the Turkmen Ambassador met with the Deputy Mayor of Luxembourg, Maurice Bauer, and gave a presentation of the Arkadag city. During the meeting, the Ambassador assured that the administration of the Luxembourg city will be invited to the opening ceremony of Arkadag. The parties also considered the possibility of establishing cooperation between Luxembourg and Ashgabat as twin cities.