USAID and EU Support Artisans in Lebap

USAID and EU Support Artisans in Lebap
Over 300 people attended the launch of HME

Exhibition of handicraft products to support the launch of the Lebap Handmade Exports (Lebap HME) startup incubator program was held on Friday at the Lebap Regional History Museum in Lebap province of Turkmenistan, U.S. Embassy in Turkmenistan reported in its press release.

The Lebap HME program is supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), European Union Delegation to Turkmenistan and the National Commission of Turkmenistan for UNESCO.

Project participants will have opportunity to learn design, social media marketing, copywriting, photography, and digital marketing. 

The program will also provide opportunities for networking and collaboration, including with new business partners and online stores in the United States, a major target market for sellers of Turkmen handmade goods.

Over 300 people attended the event, many of whom signed up for the Lebap Handmade Exports program.