Legal Basis for Tourism Business in Turkmenistan

Kuvvat Charyyev
Legal Basis for Tourism Business in Turkmenistan
Moment from Amul-Hazar 2018 rally, September 11-15, Karakum, Turkmenistan

The legal framework for the organization of tourism activities in Turkmenistan is regulated by the relevant Presidential Decision of 11 November 2011 on the regulation of tourism activities, physical culture and sports services.

The tourism business is understood as the activity of legal entities and individuals registered as individual entrepreneurs in organizing tours and related tourism services.

On the basis of a license issued by the Ministry of Finance and Economy, natural persons (registered as individual entrepreneurs) and legal entities for which this type of activity is a statutory activity are entitled to carry out tourism activities regardless of their legal form.

The license to carry out tourism business allows the following types of activities:

  • business of travel agencies;
  • employment of tour operators
  • booking and other activities in the field of tourism.

When licensing tourism activities, the licensee is officially recognized (accredited) and receives the status of a tour operator or travel agency.

The license to provide tourist services also includes permission to provide the following services:

  • creation and realization of tourist routes (tours) for inbound and domestic travel in Turkmenistan;
  • organizing and conducting treks and tours in Turkmenistan;
  • provision of reservation services for all types of vehicles and acceptance of tickets for inbound and domestic tourism routes;
  • accommodation in temporary housing
  • provision of meals;
  • registration of entry documents;
  • provision of guide-interpreter services and organization of trips;
  • provision of information and communication;
  • gives the right to draw up programs of cultural and sporting events and provide other services to serve tourists.

Organization of outbound trips is carried out by travel agencies only on the basis of a cooperation agreement concluded between them through tour operators.

The license to carry out tourist activities is issued for a period of 3 years. This term may be shortened or extended in accordance with the legislation.

Source: Kuvvat Chariev, lawyer

Rysgal Newspaper's July 31 issue