What Advertisements Prohibited in Turkmenistan For Protection of Minors?

What Advertisements Prohibited in Turkmenistan For Protection of Minors?
Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Under Article 8 of the Advertising Act, ads intended for minors or likely to influence them must not contain statements or images that may cause them moral or mental trauma or jeopardise their rights and interests.

The advertising practices that are prohibited:

  • the natural gullibility and inexperience of minors is exploited;
  • text, visual or audio information is posted that could cause them moral or physical harm or a sense of inferiority;
  • the authority of parents (guardians) and teachers and the confidence of minors in them are undermined;
  • minors are encouraged to persuade their parents or other persons to purchase the advertised goods or use the advertised services;
  • inducing minors that the possession of the goods or services in question gives them any physical, social or psychological superiority over other minors and that their absence causes the opposite result;
  • a distorted idea is created among minors of the cost of the advertised goods or services for minors by directly or indirectly indicating that the advertised goods or services are affordable for any family budget;
  • there are factors contributing to the formation of an inferiority complex among minors who do not possess the advertised product or are associated with their external unattractiveness;
  • downplay the level of skills required for minors to use the advertised product or service and misrepresent the age group of minors for whom the product or service is intended;
  • the cult of brute physical force, permissiveness, violence and sadism is promoted;
  • the use of showing minors in dangerous situations, including situations that encourage them to commit acts that pose a threat to their life and health, including harm to their health;
  • images of real or toy weapons are used.

Source: Law of Turkmenistan "On Advertising"

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