Dagestan to Supply Fish, Flour and Glassware to Turkmenistan

Dagestan to Supply Fish, Flour and Glassware to Turkmenistan
Dagestani fishermen catch fish in the Caspian Sea (Photo: fish.gov.tr)

Dagestan enterprises signed agreements on supplies of fish (sprat), flour and glassware to Turkmenistan. The agreements were made within the framework of a business mission of a Turkmen delegation to Dagestan, the Dagestan Expert Support Centre in social networks reported on Tuesday. 

The Turkmen delegation visited enterprises in Makhachkala, Kizlyar and other municipalities of the region as part of the business mission.

During the mission, entrepreneurs and representatives from distribution companies explored the business opportunities in Dagestan, focusing on food products and construction goods.

Ruslan Abaskuliev, the Head of the Dagestan Export Support Centre, highlighted that a new phase of economic cooperation between Dagestan and Turkmenistan is on the horizon, and he predicted a substantial growth in trade turnover between the two parties.

In June of this year, Alexander Yelizarov, Russia's Trade Representative in Turkmenistan, announced that Turkmenistan and Dagestan are planning to establish a regular ferry service by the end of the year, indicating further efforts to enhance connectivity and trade between the regions.