Apple Card is Now Available

Apple Card is Now Available

Apple sent out invitations on Tuesday to some select users to apply for its credit card, issued in partnership with investment bank Goldman Sachs.

Apple on Tuesday began the initial deployment of its new branded credit card, sending out email invites to some of those who signed up to be "notified" that the card was indeed now available. A larger public launch is due for later this month.

An iPhone has to be updated to iOS 12.4 or later versions to sign up for the credit card. According to a "how-to" video released by the tech giant, it takes just minutes to apply for the card: simply open the Wallet app on  iPhone, tap the "add" sign on the top right corner, choose Apple Card, fill out some basic information and click the accept button.

On surface, the Apple Card behaves a lot like Apple Pay, the mobile payment system introduced four years ago, tech news website Wired reported.

The "virtual card" lives inside the Apple Wallet and functions as contactless payment system, Wired said. However, customers can also request a physical titanium card.

Apple claimed on its website that their credit card gives its customers "a new level of privacy and security" as all the advanced security technologies of Apple Pay, such as Face ID or Touch ID, are built right in the device.

In addition, the physical card doesn't bear any numbers on it so it's unlikely to be stolen.