Kiyanly Chemical Plant Produces 61 Tons of Polypropylene Per Day

Kiyanly Chemical Plant Produces 61 Tons of Polypropylene Per Day
Kiyanly Gas Chemical Plant

Kiyanly Gas Chemical Plant produces 61 tons of polypropylene and 589 tons of high density polyethylene per day. The growth rate of polypropylene production since the opening of the plant increased up to 83.5% and high-density polyethylene to 114.5%.

Since its opening until June 30, more than 21 thousand tons of polypropylene and around 105 thousand tons of high density polyethylene were produced due to the analyzed attraction and proper development of foreign investments.

The complex, which includes the latest technological achievements, is equipped with modern machinery from Japan, Korea, USA, Great Britain, Germany and Denmark. Despite the plants young age, commissioned at 2018, its high-quality products are of high demand in world markets.

List of clients include the Russian Federation, the Republic of Korea, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Switzerland, the Marshall Islands, the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

According to the plant’s report, at present, the company has agreements with several Caspian littoral states to sell various types of polymer products. Among them are 11 Russian companies, such as Kartli, Polymer SM, Belis, Himtrusttrading, PolyTer and AlemPolymer Kazakhstan. Additionally, Broadex Trading LTD, Almart Petroleum SA, Etoile Energy SA of the Marshall Islands are listed among plant’s customers.

Kiyanly Gas Chemical Plant for production of polypropylene and high density polyethylene, with the capacity of 81,000 tons/year and 386,000 tons/year respectively, was built by the consortium TOYO Engineering (Japan) and LG and Hyundai (South Korea). The total cost of the project was about $3.4bn.