TürkmenAltyn Produced Jewelry Worth 5.5 Million Manats

TürkmenAltyn Produced Jewelry Worth 5.5 Million Manats

TürkmenAltyn Jewelry Plant produced about 50 types of gold and silver products, including the jewelry in the national style, since the beginning of the year. Today the range of enterprise’s products exceeds 3 thousand models.

The plant, located in the administrative center of the Lebap velayat, produces various models of rings, chains, brooches, earrings, bracelets, as well as national jewelry and souvenirs. Since the beginning of the year, the enterprise produced products worth 5.5 million manats, exceeding the figures of the same period last year.

TürkmenAltyn celebrated Turkmenistan’s Independence Day with the release of new models of jewelry. The products of the plant can be bought in its own brand stores located in the capital and administrative centers of the velayats of Turkmenistan.

Marketers of the enterprise study the leading design trends, trends in the jewelry market, and analyze consumer preferences so that the line of precious products meets the needs of customers as much as possible.

TürkmenAltyn enterprise is a subsidiary of the Committee for Precious Metals and Precious Stones of the Central Bank of Turkmenistan. The enterprise launched the Turkmenabat production plant in 1984.