Ykbal Açary Grows Crops on Three Thousand Hectares Land

Ykbal Açary Grows Crops on Three Thousand Hectares Land
Ykbal Açary Economic Society grows rice and wheat on over thousand hectares land.

Ykbal Açary Economic Society grows rice, wheat and cotton in the Dashoguz etrap in the northern Turkmenistan. For this purpose, about three thousand hectares of arable land in the S.Turkmenbashi etrap have been allocated to the company for a period of 99 years.

The company is engaged in the phased development of the allotted land, including the cultivation of crops by the state order. The company planted cotton on 235 hectares land last year. About 500 tons of the crop were obtained from them.

Last fall, the private farmers planted wheat on 778 hectares.

Ykbal Açary allocated 300 hectares of land under rice. The yield, 800 tons, was a good incentive for further rice cultivation.

The company plans to create their own rice processing plant in the near future. For this purpose, the company purchased rice cleaning and flour production machinery for mini-plants in China and Russia. The work is currently underway on the construction of specialized facilities.

Ykbal Açary Economic Society also operates a brick manufacturing enterprise.