Turkmen Farmer Plants New Varieties of Crops in Lebap

Turkmen Farmer Plants New Varieties of Crops in Lebap
Gala potato variety

Tebigy Ekin private farm has begun planting various varieties of crops imported from foreign countries in Lebap velayat in the northeastern Turkmenistan.

The private farm, established by entrepreneur Hezret Byashimov in 2019, develops 953 hectares of land leased for a period of 99 years and plants potatoes, onions and grapes on it.

Entrepreneur Byashimov brought the Gala potato variety from Russia this year and is preparing to plant it on 300 hectares of land. From each hectare, the entrepreneur expects to collect 15-20 tons of the crops. Last year, the farmer planted potatoes on 200 hectares of land and harvested 3 thousand tons of the crops from it.

The private farmer, sowing onions on 47 hectares, expects to collect 200-250 tons of the crops. The sown Bayram onion variety was brought from Turkey.

Tebigy Ekin is also engaged in horticulture. The enterprise has planted Taypy grape variety on 9 hectares of land.

Tebigy Ekin sells its crops to consumers through the local markets and the Lebap Miwe Production Association.