Turkmen Oil Company to Drill 9,000 Meters Deep Well

Turkmen Oil Company to Drill 9,000 Meters Deep Well
Türkmennebit State Concern intends to drill 9,000 meters deep well for the first time at Uzynada field in Turkmenistan in the coastal zone of Caspian sea.

Türkmennebit State Concern announced international tender for procurement of equipment for drilling works at the depth up to 9,000 meters.

The Turkmen oil company plans to drill super deep well for the first time at Uzynada field in Turkmenistan, located in the coastal zone of Caspian sea approximately 35 kilometers south of Barsagelmez oil and gas deposit. According to forecasts, large oil reserves lie in deep layers of red sedimentary formations.

Head of Innovative Technologies Department of the Türkmennebit State Concern Ramazan Urumov said the first geological survey well has been drilled to 4,213 meters at the field in 1972, adding that Turkmen drillers came back to capped survey well No.1 last year and commenced drilling works.  Urumov noted that on January 19 this year, the well yielded daily flow of 106,000 cubic meters of gas and 143 tons of condensate.

Since then, the deepest in the region exploration wells No.7 and No.17 (7,000 to 7,150 meters) have been drilled at Uzynada field using ZJ-70DB drilling rigs. The oil company received industrial flows of gas and condensate from the lower part of red sedimentary formation at the depth of 6,600 – 6,700 meters during the development work of the wells.

The specialists of Türkmennebit State Concern and Türkmengeologiýa State Corporation currently drill several exploration wells for thorough study of oil and gas deposits of Uzynada field. According to specialists, the drilling will allow to more accurately determine the structure and volume of the underground reserve of hydrocarbon raw materials.