Turkmen Companies Start Processing of Domestic Agricultural Products

Turkmen Companies Start Processing of Domestic Agricultural Products
Aýly Ýaz Economic Society produces compotes under the TERI trademark by processing fruits and berries.

Turkmen companies producing canned vegetables from domestic agricultural products have expanded their product line. Turkmenistan’s Golden Age news outlet reported on Thursday.

Owadan Ülke enterprise, a manufacturer of canned vegetables and sauces under the NUR brand, launched the production of pumpkin and quince jam. The company is also preparing to begin the production of confiture from watermelon, melon, apple and carrot.

According to the report, Up to eight tons of pickled products are packaged in glass containers at the company’s factory located in Ahal velayat’s Ak Bugday etrap. The canned vegetables will be produced under the Mylaýym brand. The company will offer consumers more than twenty types of the products.

Bakja Söwda Individual Enterprise, located in the Ak Bugday etrap, has released the first batch of new products - more than 20 thousand cans of pickled oyster mushrooms. Bakja Söwda is the country’s leading producer of ice cream and frozen semi-finished products from dough.

The company started preservation of fruits and vegetables two years ago and launched production of ice cream filled with strawberry and cherry jam fillings this year.

Another Turkmen company, Aýly Ýaz Economic Society located in the country’s Dashoguz velayat, has also launched the processing of fruits and berries. The company particularly produces compotes packaged in glass containers under the TERI trademark this season.

Aýly Ýaz launched four production lines for producing tomato paste, juices, preserves, fruit drinks, pickled vegetables and ketchup. During the season, the company plans to produce up to 300 tons of canned products.