Turkmen Company to Produce New Products Under Its Bagban Trademark

Turkmen Company to Produce New Products Under Its Bagban Trademark
“Ýakyn Dost” Economic Society presently produces 19 varieties of juices and 21 varieties of jams.

“Ýakyn Dost” Economic Society, based in Kerki etrap in Turkmenistan’s northeastern velayat of Lebap, prepares for the production of new products.

The head of the company Babamyrat Dovranov said in a statement to the Rysgal newspaper published on Monday that the company plans to produce new products this year - the tomato paste, the spicy pepper and spicy tomato paste, adding that "our new products will be branded by as Bagban".

The company’s production plant is designed to annually produce 1 million pickled products, the executive said. The company currently produces 305 thousand jars vegetables and fruits every season.

Stating that consumers are preparing for the winter season in the summer, Dovranov said "the vegetables and fruits packed in the factory are environmentally friendly and their prices are affordable".

The company presently produces and distributes 19 varieties of juices from fruits such as apples, plums, blackberries, quinces, pears, and strawberries and 21 varieties of jams from these fruits and grapes. The company also produces pickled and marinade varieties of cucumber, tomato, cabbage, spicy pepper and garlic.

“Ýakyn Dost” Economic Society employs nearly 40 people.