Turkmen Banks Offer Internet Banking Service

Turkmen Banks Offer Internet Banking Service
In order to simplify banking operations, banks of Turkmenistan offer internet banking services.

Banks of Turkmenistan, striving to simplify banking operations and expand the customers’ use of plastic cards, offer their internet banking services.

The banks, consistently announcing their services through advertisements in the Turkmen press, described their online services in a number of newspapers issued on Monday.

According to the Rysgal newspaper, Rysgal Joint Stock Commercial Bank offers its clients the service of transferring funds between accounts via a computer and telephone. Users can perform transactions to transfer payments to customers of the bank or other banks.

The customers using the Rysgal bank Internet Banking service have the opportunity to create templates for widely used payment orders, or new payment orders based on these templates.

Rysgal bank clients through internet can maintain information on counterparties, receive statements on the current balance and account, view information on loans and deposits, receive notifications from the bank and keep correspondence with the bank.

To use the banking service, Rysgyl bank clients need to review the regulations on remote banking services for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs in the bank, posted on the bank's official website, and fill out and submit an application.

In the Rysgal newspaper’s Monday issue, Halkban State Commercial Bank has also introduced its Internet Banking service.

Through the service of the Halkbank, clients are able to check the account balance, repay the main debt on loans and pay the interest accrued on them.

The bank users will also be able to replenish the balance of mobile and home phones, make payments for IP-TV, Internet, and review the date of transactions carried out on accounts.

To use the service, the Halkbank clients need to go to the bank’s website, sign in by entering passport details and bank card details in the Internet Banking section. After entering personal number and password sent to the mobile phone, the clients can start using this service.

The announcement of the Turkmen-Turkish Joint Stock Commercial Bank, published in the Biznes Reklama newspaper, says that in order to use the Internet banking service, the bank’s clients need to contact this bank.

Users of the service of the Turkmen-Turkish JSCB can perform banking operations in a more convenient and modern format through a special application using the Mobilbank service.

Through the internet services of the Turkmen-Turkish bank, the clients can review the balance and movements in their bank accounts, mortgage and other bank loans and interest on them.

The bank’s clients can also pay for the services of Altyn Asyr cellular communication company, AGTS company, IP-TV (AGTS) and the internet (AGTS). Using the service, the clients can also get a bank card account statement.

Banks operating in Turkmenistan presently offer Cashback and Overdraft banking services to stimulate customers.