What Products and Services Cannot be Advertised in Turkmenistan?

What Products and Services Cannot be Advertised in Turkmenistan?
It is prohibited to advertise alcoholic beverages, beer and wine materials.

According to Article 6 of the Law of Turkmenistan on Advertising, it is prohibited to advertise:

1) products and services prohibited for production and (or) sale in accordance with the legislation of Turkmenistan;

2) products and services whose production and/or sale require licences or other special permits, in the absence of such permits;

3) products subject to state registration, in the absence of such registration;

4) products and services subject to certification in Turkmenistan in the absence of such certificates of conformity;

5) narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, their precursors; plants containing narcotic or psychotropic substances and their parts;

6) tobacco, tobacco products and smoking utensils, including pipes, hookahs, cigarette paper, lighters;

7) alcoholic beverages, beer and wine materials;

8) drawing of prizes, lotteries and other events aimed at stimulating the demand for and interest in alcoholic beverages, tobacco and tobacco products;

9) products and services, using elements of a trademark or a name known as the name of alcoholic products, tobacco or tobacco products, which directly or indirectly advertise alcoholic products, tobacco or tobacco products;

10) sponsorship of events, in which the name, trademark or image of tobacco, tobacco products or alcoholic beverages is used;

11) products (T-shirts, hats and other products) using the name, trademark of tobacco, tobacco products or alcoholic beverages;

12) demand and (or) offers of human organs and (or) tissues;

13) medical services for artificial termination of pregnancy;

14) pornographic materials, printed publications, images or other items of pornographic nature;

15) products or services aimed at involving potential victims in human trafficking, anti-social behavior;

16) breast milk substitutes (infant formula) in the mass media, except for the placement of such advertising in specialized scientific print publications intended for medical or pharmaceutical workers;

17) biologically active additives;

18) energy drinks;

19) services (activities) of hypnotists, healers, psychics, fortune-tellers, spiritists, astrologists, witches, fortune-tellers and other persons declaring themselves or considering themselves capable of predicting events, influencing people, their spiritual world and property, environment by using supernatural abilities or powers as well as services on training the mentioned activities;

20) services of sexual nature, including under the guise of psychological assistance, communication, relaxation, massage, pleasant pastime, other lawful activities;

21) activity of persons not registered as legal entities or individual entrepreneurs to attract money, electronic money and other assets of citizens against the payment of income;

22) the activity of religious organizations and spiritual educational establishments not registered under the law of Turkmenistan;

23) traditional casinos, electronic casinos and Internet-casinos;

24) pyrotechnic products, explosives and materials;

25) weapons and military products;

26) products or services affecting the human subconsciousness;

Source: Law of Turkmenistan on Advertising