Turkmenistan Purchases Second Airbus S.A.S. Cargo Aircraft

Turkmenistan Purchases Second Airbus S.A.S. Cargo Aircraft
Airbus A330-200P2F cargo aircraft from Airbus S.A.S.

Turkmenistan Airlines has taken delivery of its second Airbus A330-200P2F cargo aircraft, the official Turkmen media reported on Tuesday.

The plane was purchased under the Decree of the President of Turkmenistan, as part of the contract between the Türkmenhowaýollary agency (Turkmenistan Airlines) and the French aircraft manufacturer Airbus S.A.S.

According to the report, the acquisition of modern airlines will bolster the material and technical base of the country's civil aviation, while meeting the demand for air cargo transportation, strengthening trade and economic relations with other nations.

The cargo planes are designed for long-distance transportation of various cargo configurations, with a range of over 13 thousand kilometers and a capacity of up to 60 tons.

To ensure the safety of the aircraft, pilots and maintenance specialists were retrained in Singapore and France.

Ashgabat International Airport received its first Airbus A330-200 P2F cargo aircraft in March 2023.