Nine Trucks With Special Cranes Delivered to Turkmenistan

Nine Trucks With Special Cranes Delivered to Turkmenistan
XJ-450 and XJ-650 type crane trucks delivered to Nebitgazdüýpliabatlaýyş Directorate

Turkmennebit (Turkmenpetrol) State Corporation's Nebitgazdüýpliabatlaýyş (Petroleum Natural Gas General Maintenance) Directorate in Balkan province received 9 high-capacity special crane trucks on Saturday, the e-newspaper of Turkmenistan's oil and gas sector reported on Monday.

The XJ-450 and XJ-650 crane trucks were purchased from China and delivered to the Nebitgazdüýpliabatlaýyş Directorate in the Balkan province.

These versatile and high-capacity crane trucks provide ample opportunities for high-quality implementation of various basic maintenance works on wells with reduced or completely stopped production.

The Department of Technical Equipment and Supply of the Turkmennebit State Corporation in Balkanabat City held an event to mark the delivery of the new high-capacity special crane trucks. The ceremony was attended by heads of institutions and organizations of Balkan province, a large number of industry employees, and representatives of non-governmental organizations.