70,962 Tons of Oil Extracted From Repaired Wells

70,962 Tons of Oil Extracted From Repaired Wells
Gonurtepe field

The Nebitgazchykarysh trust of the Turkmennebit State Concern is carrying out repair works at the Barsagelmez, Goturdepe and Gamyshlyja oil and gas fields.

The specialists of 62 brigades have restored additional 18 wells over the past six months. Instead of the planned 244 wells, the trust restored 262 wells. As a result, additional 70,962 tons of oil were extracted from the repaired wells.

50 brigades of the trust carry out repair works while six brigades drill the second wellbores. They work on improving the condition of the layers by fixing the well bottom-hole zone, eliminating malfunctions in the production columns, and closing water columns at the fields.

Separately, six special teams clean the wells with flexible NKT pipes.

The crews are equipped with XJ-250 and XJ-450 lifting units. XJ-250 is light and easy to transport. The loading capacity of the XJ-250 is 40 tons and the XJ-450’s is 80 tons.